We have been fishing and hunting here since time immemorial

Indigenous Peoples traditionally have profound respect for the animals we fished, hunted and harvested for sustenance. The practicing of our traditional skills and techniques is an important part of our identity, and we are happy to guide you with our deep local knowledge passed down through generations.

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Take to the water with an expert guide

With over two million lakes, thousands of rivers, and the longest coastline in the world, Canada’s waters are the ultimate fishing destination. Here, you’ll find waters teeming with salmon, trout, walleye, pike, catfish, bass and more. Go ice fishing on silent expanses of frozen lakes, cast your line at the river’s edge or boat alongside jagged coastlines. Let your savvy fishing guides take you to the secret spots where trophy catches lie in wait.


Hunt with the benefit of truly local knowledge

Let the traditional inhabitants of these lands help you track and hunt impressive big game like moose, mountain sheep and long-tusked walrus or small game like bobcats and grouse. Feel the adrenaline rush and excitement as you find the best hunting hot spots with your Indigenous guide, and take your hunting game to the next level with valuable local knowledge.


Fishing and hunting getaways for every taste

Indigenous fishing and hunting outfitters offer easily accessible drive-in options or remote fly-in locations where you can find fully equipped lodges or rustic campsites. There will be something for everyone at multi-activity spots where the whole family can join the action or take a snowmobile, kayak, paddleboard or ATV out for a spin.

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Essipit Outfitter: Jimmy Lake Outfitters

Essipit, Quebec

Essipit Innu territory is located on the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence near the picturesque village of Tadoussac. Jimmy Lake Outfitter is adjacent to the Innu Essipit Nation, an engaging community that loves sharing its cultural knowledge and respect for the land.

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Mingan River Outfitter

Mingan, Quebec

Steps away from the picturesque village of Mingan, Mingan River Outfitter welcomes you to its historic Saint Anne Lodge, located opposite side of Mingan Falls.

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Étamamiou Outfitters

Unamen Shipu, Quebec

The Innu community of Unamen Shipu, located in Quebec’s Lower North Shore offers stays of 4 or 5 days at sea on an isolated island of the immense Sainte-Marie archipelago, accessible via Zodiac boats.

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The traditional Indigenous connection to fish and wildlife

Our Peoples have had our eyes and ears in tune with the movements of animals and the cycles of nature since the beginning of time. Find out about the importance of hunting and fishing for our Peoples, our deep connection to nature, and how our local knowledge can help you improve your skills and techniques.

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